[2015] Tulsi Pandya: If I Grow Up

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[2015] Tulsi Pandya: If I Grow Up


Reading Strategy 1


Reading Strategy #2

Social Norms



-have children at the age of 14+-told to take care of children-not allowed to be a gang member-often times single mothers, as fathers leaves-refered to as a man's woman, as opposed to their name-45 was old?

-providers for the family-no choice of occupation other than a gang banger-elementary or high school drop-outs-die young due to gang shoot outs-always have guns with them

Character MindMap

At the beginning of the book many characters are introduced. It's difficult to keep track of each character's description and relation to each other, therefore creating a mind map of the characters is beneficial for overcoming this issue.

Frederick Douglass Disciples

"Darius raised and dropped his shoulder and went back to scretching words into his notebook. Another wannabe rapper" (Strasser 98)

"If kids could understand why their parents and older brothers and sisters couldn't find work, and why so many take drugs and join gangs, then maybe we could begin to educate our way out of poverty and self destruction" (Strasser 218)

"There was no sign of Marcus or LaRue. Suddenly I felt scared. Marcus wasn't just the leader of the Disciples. He was the father none of us had. He gave us jobs, issued orders, settles disputes, and kept people in line" (Strasser 78)

"They talk about inner city crime. But the real crime is what happend to boys like him and you. Fatherless boys going around killing and being gangbangers not given a chance" (Strasser 180)

Consider how these norms differ from this societies norms, and how humanity would view these people; or even how this challenges the belief of equality for all.


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