If I Ever Get Out of Here

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If I Ever Get Out of Here

If I Ever Get Out of HereBy: Eric Gansworth

"If I Ever Get Out of Here," is about an Indian boy named Lewis Blake who finds a best friend for the first time. He's a smart kid who doesn't really fit in with a school full of white kids. Although, that changes the day he meets George, a military kid who moved there because his dad was stationed there. The two boys start hanging out more and more as the school days past. They went to a concert, they hung out at George's house,they were always together at school but never once did Lewis let George into his house because Lewis thought the more George didn't know about where Lewis came from, the better. After school stopped and summer began the two boys started to drift apart, but when the new school year began they hung out together again. Especially when Lewis started to get beat up by Evan everyday. Soon after that problem was resolved, winter started. Then one winter day, there was a huge snow storm, it might even have been the storm of the century. George and his dad were forced to stay at Lewis's house because of the storm. There, George got to see the place Lewis had been hiding from him the whole time.



The theme of the novel is that you can find and keep friendship no matter who you are or where you come from or where you are.A quote from "If I Ever Get Out of Here," "I think it's about two people who find each other again, their memories keeping them connected, even when they don't live near each other anymore. Two people who each want the other to remember them."


Evan: A typical school bully who hates Indians because his mother cheated on his father with an Indian.

The book is set in a Tuscarora reservation near New York,Buffalo during 1975 to 1977 and in Lewis's school


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Lewis: An Indian boy who's small and wears glasses. He's really smart and in eighth grade but has a poor family. He enjoys the Beattles.George: He's in eighth grade and is a great singer. He has a dad in the military and was born in Germany. He also likes to listen to the Beattles.


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New York in 1976


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