If Exploration didn't happen

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If Exploration didn't happen

New World

If Exploration didn't happen....



There is a population 2,932,248 pure Native Americans which may sound like alot but in reality it is only a little over less than 1% of the US population of 318.86 millon.

The Aztecs were the most dominate empire in Central America prior to European exploration. It is difficult to speculate how far they would have devolped had the Europeans not interfered but thier influence during that time period was signifigant. Due to maize cultivation originating in Central America, complex civilazations like the Aztecs were able to develop. These civilizations were also responsible for the diffusion of Maize to North America and the overall increased population growth. The diffusion of Maize was not fast. Had the Europeans not invaded, socioties in North America would have more time to become developed to the extent of the Aztecs.


Had exploration not occured, religous tension in Europe would have been much greater and the possiblity for conflicts much higher.

With no exploration Europe's development would have been cut drasticly. Without the new crops from the americas, population growth would have declined. In addition, the silk roads would still be controlled by the Ottoman Turks which could have made Europe under their control financially.


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