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Where the race starts there is 275,000 people living there. And Campbell Airstrip also have 275,000, and Willow only has 1,658. The rest ranges from 80 to 0 people.

How Many People Live In Alaska

The Start Of The Race

The Middle Of The Race

At the middle part of the trail, the population ranges from 600 to 0. Galena has 600 people and Ophir has a population of 0. So thats the part with the fewest poeple.

I asked myself: is it horrible or pretty? Why?I said: My opinion is that it is very beautiful, because of all of the snow and mountains but some of it may be horrible because what if there was an avalanche would that be pretty? I wouldn't think so.

In the finish of the trail the population ranges from 784 to 0, but Nome has 3,706 people.Also Unalakleet has 784 and Saftey has 0.

The End Of The Race

The Trail, And What I Think it is Like

Another question is: Is it exciting or nerve-racking?I said: It would probably be both because it would be very exiting to acomplish this goal. And it would be nerve-racking because what if you fell off a cliff or you got hypothermia?

: FUN FACT:They only use Alaskan huskies or big dogs that want to run.



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