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Iditarodby Justin

Anchorage-Anchorage is Alaska’s largest city-It starts the race Anchorage - Scholastic

Rainy Pass-Rainy pass is the highest point of the trail-Lots of teams fall and sleds to overturnRainy pass link

Mcgrath-Most of the time mushers are required to take 1 whole day break-Any food have to be shipped because any normal food like eggs are expensive

Kaltag-This is where north route meets south route-The trail moves to the portage what is a piece of land that links two rivers or seas

Shaktoolik-is 25 feet into frozen ground-maybe most dangerous part of trail

Nome-The finish of the race-was once a gold rush town

Barrow- receives no sunlight for 2 months- only has 3 continuous months of sunlight

Climate-some places in Alaska hit temperatures of -60F this year's weather conditions moved the trail to fairbanks to start-this year's weather was high

Where to take your 24 hour layover? Link to video click

What to pack- ship food and other items the musher needs- a musher needs a vet book it keeps track about how the dogs are doing- the musher also sled bag it has food for the animals


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