Identity Theft

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Identity Theft

Identity Theft

According to FTC, about 9 million people get their identity stolen each year.

Ways to Protect Against Identity Theft:1) Only carry essential documents with you - carry the documents you need only.2) Becarefull when giving out personal information over the internet or phone - don't just give information when someone asks, make sure it's not a scam.3) Protect your Social Security Number - tell banks to not print it on your personal bank checks.4) Make sure others are keeping your information safe - insure that the people that have access to your personal information do not give it away.5)Don't throw away anything that has personal information - shred anything that has personal information: creadit cards, bank statement etc.6)Create random and mixed letters/numbers passwords and PIN codes - don't have names, birthdate, years, or things as password and PIN codes.

Protect Your Identity

Techniques for Identity Theft:1) Phishing - Relies on pop-ups and spams that look authentic to gain information.2) Pharming - Use of Fradulent Sites where hackers hack your information.3) Pretexting - Acquires personal information through illegal means.

Case: Facebook Hacking

Protect Your Identity

What to do if you are exposed to identity theft?1) Report immediatly to banks if your credit cards or bank statement is stolen.2) File a police report immediatly.3) Close your bank accounts as soon as possible.4) Report the theft to the Federal Trade Commision.5) Notify state agencies about the theft.

Identity Theft - Stealing and using someone's private identity information for their own good (Usually financial).

Remember To Protect Your Identity

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