Indentity Issues

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Indentity Issues

Identity Issues

Multiple identities in the 21st Century

The forming of sexual identity during adolescence can bring with it a range of challenges. The task is “significantly more complicated for same-sex attracted youth because they must develop an ‘achieved’ identity within the context of social stigmatisation and, many times, without the support of family, peers and schools” (Kayler, Lewis & Davidson, 2008, p.6).Gender identity is separate from sexual identity in that it is how an individual identifies with one sex over another.

Particularly in the middle years when students are developing their identity, Cass (1979) stated, “teachers must be cognizant that their teaching practices, their interactions with students, and their own ideas about identity influence the academic success and social development of their students,” (p.225). Teachers must understand identity issues students are facing and how they can promote wellbeing within the classroom.

Identity is a fluid notion that can transform over time and as we shift within different social and cultural constructs.

Gender and sexual identity

A short video resource for teachers and students in understanding sexual identity.

The Cass Model theory explores sexuality development in relation to gay and lesbian identity.

The following videos follows the story of an adolescent with gender identity disorder who has undergone a sex change.

Gay and Lesbian Identity

Identity Disorder

Promoting a Positive Identity

Studies have shown there is a direct link between promoting a positive identity within the classroom and student success. Identity activities for students in the classroom is a resource for teachers to use to assist students in understanding their own identity.


Identity Issues Continued


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