Ideas Writing Trait

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Ideas Writing Trait

During pre-writing is when the ideas trait is used. While brainstorming many ideas are going to be thought bout. The important part is to fish through all these ideas and pick a few solid ones that would be interesting to write about.

The ideas trait is the main message of your writing. This is where your main theme is developed. The ideas need to be strong so the message is clear in the writing.

What is it?

The Ideas Writing Trait

How is it used?

To assess prewriting help the student to come up with a clear goal. Use guiding questions such as,"who is your audience?" and "how did you come up with your topic?" Look over the research to support the ideas and make sure it makes sense. Rubric for students to follow.

How can prewriting be assessed?

Bubble mapsTimelines Flow chart Brainstorming webIce cream organizerBurger organizer


How can this be used in classroom?


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