Ideas of the Constitution

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Ideas of the Constitution

6 Bigs Ideas of the Constitution Gabby Bryan, Jason Kwak, Aisha-Mae Delossantos, Mireya Brewster

Limited Government

Separation of Powers



Checks and Balances

Separation of Powers-The powers of the three branches- legislative, executive, and judicial- are separated by the Constitution. ‘ Each branch has different powers, duties, and responsibilities that are limited. This prevents one branch of government from becoming too powerful.

Checks and Balances- Under this system, each branch of government can check, or limit, the power of the other branches. This system helps maintain a balance in the power of the three branches.

Limited Government- The powers of government are strictly defined. A limited government has only those powers that are given to it by the people

Republicanism-The Constitution establishes a republican form of government. A republic is a government in which the people rule through elected representatives. Those representatives make laws and conduct government on behalf of the people.

Federalism - A plan of government where the many state governments and the single federal government share power. The Constitution creates the federal system. It explains how powers are distributed among different levels of government.

Popular Sovereignty

Popular Sovereignty-The authority of the people. The preamble makes clear that it is the people of the United States who hold the power and who establish a system of government for their own well-being.


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