ideal school

by qsteele
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ideal school

My ideal school would be situated in a quiet place near a big park, so that students could walk there after classes to relax. My ideal school would be modern, big, light, comfortable. There would be four floors. School yard would be wide and clean. In the yard will grow beautiful flowers.There will be tennis court. In the time-table of my ideal school, I would have more excursions. Every day would be five lessons. The lessons would be interesting. It is a good idea to have more practice and different researches or projects. In my ideal school I would cancel homework. It would be better if children could do all exercises during school hours and then be free.

In addition to lessons, would be the after-school clubs: dance, club volleyball, choir, art club, photography club. In my ideal school would be pool. Here is my ideal school.

In the dining room would be wide and spacious hall, with round tables and chairs. In my ideal school in the dining room would be a wide selection of food and drinks. standing automatic hot drinks. The changes would be longer, so that the children could slowly eat. In the auditorium would soft comfortable chairs. Each class would be the interactive whiteboard, whiteboards with markers. Each class would be computers. Each class would be a sofa.

In classes of physics , chemistry, biology would be the necessary appliances for conducting experiments.



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