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IDC 4UGrade 12 Business

You will broaden your business perspective and look at business through an international perspective. You will look into challenges of globalization and ethical issues organizations face.

It will help prepare you for the heavy duty learning to come after high school - no matter what speciality you pursue! You will be encouraged to analyse and interpret information to a high level.

If you are considering pursuing a Business degree or college diploma this course is an excellent overview of the major units studied in post-secondary programs. You will find out if a business program is for you and have a leg up on the curriculum!

If you are considering starting your own business someday, this course will give you the skills and knowledge you need to think about your products, competitors and the bottom line!

The summatives are actually fun to do! We use a simulation software (caution - it is addicitve!) that mimics the real world life of running a convienience store. It is amazing how much you learn without even knowing it!

Top 5 Reasons why this course is for you:


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