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ida b wells

Ida B. Wells

About Ida B. Wells She was born in July 16, 1862 in Mississippi and died in March 25,1931. She was the oldest of eight children. Both of her parents were slaves and thus she was born as a slave. Later she was freed by the Emancipation Proclamation. She stuggled a lot to get an education but she persude it and became a teacher. She went to college in Memphis, Tennessee and lived there for a while. She was an editor for a black newspaper there. She formed the Womens Era Club. Later renamed as Ida B. Wells clubs, to give honor to their founder. She married Fredenand Barnett he was an attorney. With whom she had two sons and two daughters.

Ida B. Wells was known as a crusader for for justice and defended democracy. She tried to abolish slavery and to establish racial equality. She supported women suffrage. She was a member of the Commitee of 40 which pretty much established the groundwork for the widely know organization. The NAACP ( National Association for the Advancement of Color People). Ida B Wells was the Rosa Parks (71 years before Rosa Parks) of her time. She also was in a similar situation like Rosa Parks. She was told to leave her seat to another person in the train. When she refused they dragged her out of the train. Later on she got an African American lawyer and sued the railroad company. She found out that he was payed of and got a white lawyer instead. She won and got $500. Later on the railroad appealed and they won; she had to return the money.

Ida B Wells wrote on a paper called the Living Way it was a black church weekly. She wrote with her pen name Iola. Later as she was becoming a well know writter/ journalist. She also started to write on the Free Speech and Headlight an anti-segragist newspaper. She also became co-owner and editor of those newspapers. She became very widely known and took tours to Europe on her campaigne for justice. She also wrote many books. One of them called Southern Horrors: Lynch Law in All It's Phase and she also wrote The Red Record. Both books were about lynching and why white poeple were lynching African Americans. Also cases in wich African Americans were descriminated against. Over all Ida B. wells was a strong minded and wilful women that would'nt give up in what she believed in.


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