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Ida B. Wells Creative Project

Born into slavery July 16th, 1862 in Holly Springs, Mississippi, Wells' life was anythting but simple from the very beginning. After the death of both her parents she became the sole provider for her 8 younger siblings. She still managed to beat the odds and graduate from Rust College in Mississippi and was offered a teaching position in Memphis Tennessee. From that point on she began to use a local black newspaper to expose the poor conditions of colored schools. Although this resulted in her termination as a teacher it fueled the energy to help school systems across America. Her efforts did not stop there. She created her own clubs, campaigns and organizations that all tried to gain equal opprotunity for 2nd class citizens of society such as, women, the poor and African Americans. She was truly an inspiration to so many other aspiring activists and her beielf in the truth and justice for all helped so many groups of people being ignored in society.


1862- Birth 1883- First teaching job 1892 - Starts anti-lyching campaign1895 - Married Ferdinand L. Barnett1908- Started Negro Fellowship Leauge1913 - Walked with Alpha Suffrage Club for the passage of the federal suffrage amendment 1931- Dies of kidney diease

-Exposed poor school conditions in colored school through journalism-Started an international anti-lynching campaign -Was a forerunner in the Women's suffrage movement and the advancement of African American Women. - Founder of the Alpha Suffrage Club and the Negro Fellowship leauge-Made Women's clubs and settlement houses a driving force in imporving education

Lasting Impact

She is a leader in the efforts it took to integrate our school system and achieve equal opprotunites for all gender, races and ethnicites in all aspects of society.

Coming from as low as slavery,her desire for justice was unwaivering.Learning and teaching should not be subjective,given enough effort everyone can understand the objective. Women were put down and so were blacks,Ida B. Wells gave them a chance to fight back.Clubs, leauges and campaigns were created, they changed the way different people were treated.She did so much for our history, especially education.Thank you Ms. Wells I give you much appreciation.


Ida B Wells, Woman, Activist, Leader



By: Amanda Rich

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