ICT Day Chemistry,(Homework),Chemistry

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ICT Day Chemistry,(Homework),Chemistry

Group 0Elements: helium, argon, krypton, xenon and radonThe elements in this group have a full outer electronic shell and thus, the elements in this group have no tendency to lose, gain or share electrons. Thus, the elements in the group are chemically inert.All the elements in this group are gaseous. Because of their chemical inertness, the elements in this group are called the Nobel Gases. Also, these electrons have very low melting and boiling points.Some examples for the uses of noble gases: Argon in light bulbs, helium in small balloons, and Neon in strip lightz


Group 0 and Group VII of the Periodic Table


Group VII

Elements: oxygen, sulfur, selenium, tellerium,poloniumThe elements in this group are known as halogens. These elements consist of small molecules, which contain two atoms. As such, they are diatomic.. Furthermore, they are extremely reactive. These are similar as they all contain 7 outer shell elsctrons.

Chemistry ICT Homework