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icons of the 1960s



During the hippie period of the 1960’s, the Australian lifestyle had changed drastically and people started fighting for peace, doing drug experimentations, practicing the idea of having a sexual relationship without being restricted by marriage or relationships (This was known as ‘free love’) and communal living.The hippies fashion strong colours, exuberant styles and simple items such as jeans and a t-shirt to show their rebellious sign and protest for the concept of freedom in the country soon sky-rocketed and entered the world of high fashion.

Believe it or not, Tv in 1960 effected the presidential election between John F. Kennedy and Richard Nixon. It also created many issues concerning the type of programs running on TV. Australia believed that some of these programs may effect our children in a negative way. Televisions soon became Australia's dominant communication, taking over from radio and cinema and posing a challenge to print media.

TV in 1960's

Vegemite became very predominant food in the 1960's. The Australian food habits had flown out the window due to the new food that was introduced to us. Everyone had wanted Vegemite as it was originally promoted as a health food, Vegemite creators saying "Vegemite fights with the men up north! If you are one of those who don't need Vegemite medicinally, then thousands of invalids are asking you to deny yourself of it for the time being"

Mini skirt became popular because of the 'Swinging London' . It effected the fashion in 1960's as many more woman dressed themselves in mini skirts and shortened length clothes. From then on, the dress code became more revealing, and there are positives and negatives to this because woman then had freedom in regards to what they wore, but men thought it was disrespectful and thought it went against all moral beliefs. Mini skirts effected woman all over the world, including Australia when Jean Shrimpton was seen at the Melbourne Cup wearing a mini skirt apparently because of the insufficiency of fabric.

Further in the 1960’s, women began to wonder and question the stereotypical role society had assigned to them. Women in general, all felt that being a women was more then just raising their children and taking care of the house. They decided to protest and pressure the government for equal rights between the women and men in the world.Towards the end of the decade, the contraceptive pill was finally introduced to Australia. This pill brought significant change to the country, it granted sexual freedom for women allowing them to control the birth of their children.

The Beatles not only brought character and flavour to the 1960's with their music but also through their rebel but sophisticated fashion and cool, calm, collected attitude.They effected Australia though their long haired moptop cuts, their collarless suits, bright and floral coloured clothing and their tight-fitted ankle boots.Their arrival brought change to the society creating songs which opened up a whole new world for people realising the problems in the world such as women's liberation, sexual revolution and civil rights.The Beatle's music, fashion and attitude symbolised the 1960's youth rebellion. They were ultimately looked up to by all teenagers and changed the music of rock forever.

Dawn Fraser, born 4th of September 1937 has set a world record to swim 100m in less than a minute. She set an icon as a woman, in swimming, as she won eight olympic medals and eight commonwealth medals. Dawn Fraser was the youngest female Ausralian to be labelled with the title of 'Australian of the Year'. This then sparked hope for many woman to achieve their goals. The rights of woman began to rise, with the fact that a female was the first person to receive 'Australian of the Year'.

By Dahee Kim & Jocelyn Ng

Icons of 1960

When you ask someone about their opinion of the most significant fashion icon up until 2011, they'll without the doubt answer with the name "Twiggy". The impact she had on 1960's fashion was vast. She changed trends, introduced new style of clothing and in some way supported the rights of women after introducing the mini-skirt that shocked the world with its astonishing length of 'above-the-knees'.

By the 1960s, the car had become an essential part of everyday life for many Australians. In 1963, around 35 percent of Australians owned a car. It made things easier for the Australians despite its high cost. People no longer needed to catch public transport to get to a certain destination because most had the possession of a car. But this led to many road accidents and the government inforced the rule of wearing seatbelts for passangers, the reduce the death toll rates regarding traffic and road accidents in Australia.


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