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Coordinates: 65 degrees North, 18 degrees WestContinent: EuropeCapital: ReykjavikSize: 39,768 sq. milesPopulation: 315,281

Geographical Land Features: The largest glacier is Vatnajokull in southeast Iceland. The area of the Vatnajokull glacier is 3,240 sq. miles. One currently active volcano is the Eyjafjallajökull Volcano in southern Iceland. The bodies of water that surround Iceland are the Atlantic and Arctic Oceans.

Climate: The climate of Iceland is very similar to the climate of New York. It is very similar because they both have distinct seasons and the temperature is roughly the same.

The official language in Iceland is Icelandic.

Some different sports that are played in Iceland are soccer, handball and golf. The most popular sport of the three listed above is soccer.



The type of Economic system that Iceland has is a capitalist economy. Some of the main jobs are farming, fishing, industry, and services.

The currency is ISK (Icelandic króna).

The Icelandic National Anthem

There are many fabulous foods in Iceland. One dish is Hangikjöt an Icelandic version of smoked lamb. Another dish is Skyr a soft cheese served with blueberries and sugar. One more dish is Icelandic fish (all types). On top of all that there is also kjötsúpa a meat soup. Finally, there is Ein með öllu an Icelandic hot dog made with lamb and has many sauces on it.

The religion that is dominant in Iceland is Roman Catholic


One holiday that is celebrated in Iceland is Bolludagur. This holiday is centered around making and eating the country's food. Another holiday is Sumardagurinn fyrsti. The celebration of Summer, celebrated on the third tuesday of April.

Dear Customer,I hear you are looking for the perfect vacation spot. Well, I think I found the perfect place: Iceland. One reason you should visit Iceland is because of cool geographical land features (natural landmarks). One cool landmark is the Vatnajokull glacier in southeastern Iceland. Another cool landmark is the Eyjafjallajökull volcano, a currently active volcano. You should visit Iceland because of the fabulous food they have there. One food is Hangikjöt, an Icelandic version of smoked lamb. Another food is kjötsúpa a meat soup. Finally, there is Ein með öllu, an Icelandic hot dog made with lamb and served with lots of sauces. In addition you should visit Iceland if you love volcanos and and lava because a third of the world's lava is in Iceland and there are over 200 volcanoes in Iceland. Sincerly Your travel Agent, Shoshana Daly

Fun Facts1. Iceland has a third of all the lava that flows around the earth.2. There are about 200 volcanos in Iceland.3.The colors of Iceland's flag are red, white, and blue. Each color represent elements that make up the island. The color red represents the island's volcanic fires. The color White represents snow and ice fields. Lastly, the color blue represents the ocean.

Iceland has a constitutional republic a mix between a democracy and a monarchy. This system is fair because as long as you are over 18, you can vote. But one of the only unfair is that the current president has served 5 terms.

The current president of Ice land is Ólafur Ragnar Grímsson. He has served 5 straight terms.