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Iceland (by shane00)


AsbyrgiAsbyrgi is a 1/2 km long canyon. With walls up to 100 m. You can even see fulmers during the breeding season.

Top 3 places to visit

Glacier lagoonThe glacier lagoon is a glacier river in icelnad. It is one of the shortest rivers. It is only 4900 feet

SkaftafellSkaftafell is one of the largest ice-caps. It covers an area of 1,600 sq km. That spreads over 3 valley glaciers. It is Europes largest ice-cap.

Iceland national anthem

Funny, fun, interesting facts-Iceland made the book of world rocords for drinking the most coke.-They beileve in Dwarfs and Leporcons-They banned beer from Iceland until 1989-Boxing was not allowed till 2002-Main industry is fishing

Government Iceland has a republic government. President: Olafur GRIMSSONPrime Minister: Johanna SIGURDARDOTTIR

Volcano Eyjafjallajokull



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