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By: Sofi

Location:Jukkasjärvi, Sweden!!!

The first time the Ice Hotel was built was in 1990. The Ice Hotel is rebuilt every year. It is open from about December to April! Last Year was the 20th anniversary.The Ice Hotel's founder was Yngve BergqvistThe Ice Hotel is completly made of ice and snow, even the Cups from the bar. Wanna stay here? You sleep in -5 °C but luckily they give you lots of clothing and supplies to keep you warm!The Ice Hotel's Ice and snow is from the nearby Torne River.The Ice Hotel is rebuilt every year.

The Ice and Snow Harvest!!!

The a is where the Ice Hotel is in Sweden!

Ice Hotel melting

A Suite in the Ice Hotel.

Vital Statistics Location: Jukkasjarvi, SwedenCompletion Date: Rebuilt every yearHeight: VariesStories: OneMaterials: Ice and SnowFacing Materials: Ice Engineers: Varies


Absolute Icebar in Jukkasjrvi, Sweden

Jukkasjrvi Icehotel interior

Latitude: 6751'12.15"NLongitude: 2024'21.91"E

Intresting facts: The Amazing Race 17 went to the amazing Ice Hotel in episode 4, We Should Have Brought Gloves and Butt Pads. Kevin (aka KevJumba on Youtube) and his father had to do a speed bump. They had to sit on one of the Ice Hotel's chairs for ten minutes! Kevin was wearing soccer shorts. There are fake fire places. They also give you reindeer skin to sleep with.


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