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Skates made of a steel blade.Appears the ice rinks.Appears the music and the choreography.It becomes a very risky and exciting sport.

Skating origins date back to the time when the man tied pieces of bones on his feet and slid with them on the ice and crossing lakes and streams that froze in winter. Over time, this transport became a popular entertainment for all social classes. In Europe the sport began in the aristocracy of Holland in the XVII century. Skaters, looking for elegance and beauty, began to synchronize their steps, jumps and other movements. The result was a kind of ballet on ice.Although recreational skating practiced for centuries, figure skating emerged in the XIX century and underwent several technical and stylistic developments to its present form.Ice skating is one of the most beautiful sports because of the spectacular moves of the skaters. They are attracted especially the hard part: the spins, jumps, somersaults ... added to the danger in the ice rink. Many components are those who manage to create a special atmosphere that grabs and excites the viewer.

Ice Skating

by Alba Hernando

Ice Skating has this name because it consists in skating over an ice rink. You can also skate over an iced river or an iced lake.Professional ice skating consists into interpret a choreography for a piece of music while doing pirouettes, turns, jumps and stunts.



Skates were made of pieces of bones.At the beginning there was not ice rinks, skaters used iced lakes or iced streams.Skating was only a recreative sport.There was no music or choreography.



Basically a pair of ice skates.If you are beginner it is recommended to equip yourself with knee pads, elbow pads and, of course, a helmet.



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