Ice fishing

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Ice fishing

My ExperimentIce fishing

1.A small ice cube.2.A jar of cold water.3.A piece of string-15 cm long.4.Salt.

Materials (What I need to complete the experiment?)


The ice cube will melt and get attatched to the string.

Hypothesis(My prediction)

How does ice get attatched to a string?

My Question (What I want to find out?)

*Put the ice cube into the jar of water,wait until it stops bobbing.*Carefully lay one end of the string across the top of the ice cube *Sprinkle some salt over the string where it toches the ice*slowly count to 10 then gently lift the string

Procedure(What did I do?)

When you put salt to a string it gets attached.

Observations(What happened?)

The freezing point of salt is lower than ice so it attated the string to the ice cube.

My conclusions(What I know now)

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