[2015] Paige Gwaltney: ICE CREAM ISLE

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[2015] Paige Gwaltney: ICE CREAM ISLE


By: Paige Gwaltney & Kaley GibbsAs you walk down the ice cream isle, your feet get cold but the rest of you is perfectly toasty! Q: What explains this phenomenon? Well, it comes down to a very basic molecular level, atoms! How can these microscopic things affect our everyday lives and temperatures? Why do some stores have vertical freezers and others have horizontal? Which works better? All of these questions will be answered.A: Its a simple principal, warm air rises whereas cold air sinks. Q: Why? A: A simple universal law known as density. Density is equal to mass divided by volume. This equation explains why things float or sink such as air, liquids, and even submarines. Q: What creates density, why does cold air sink whereas warm air rises?A: Density is how compact atoms (or molecules) are. It's based on how close or far apart the molecules are, which is changed by energy. Energy tends to affect atoms through temperature. The more the energy (heat) the more the atoms spread apart, the less density. When theres a lack of energy, they become more compact and thus denser.There is less energy in the cold air so it is more compact and is denser than the warm air, making it sink. The warm air has more energy and is more spread apart making it less dense and thus it rises. Q: Now that we have answered that question, why do some stores have horizontal freezers while others have vertical? Which works better? A: Horizontal freezers would be better at keeping food cold due to the fact that there is less height. The cold air sinks and so it would be more useful to have a horizontal freezer to keep food in the lower colder air at the bottom!


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