[2015] Katie McLaughlin: Ibo Tribe Marriage

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[2015] Katie McLaughlin: Ibo Tribe Marriage

Ibo Tribe Marriage

QUOTE TWO"'Do what what you are told woman' Okonokwo thundered and stammered" (24)This shows that the man is controlling within the home

QUOTE THREE"'Yes," replied Obierka. "My daughter's suitor is coming today and I hope we will clinch the matter of the bride price. I want you to be there." (69)shows the importance of other respected members to be involved in the match of the marriage


QUOTE ONE‘“If I fall down for you and you fall down for me, it is a play.’ Marriage should be a play and not a fight: so we are falling down again.” When a bride-price is figured out then they compromise, so neither party is angry or fighting.’ (76)


QUOTE FOURHer brass anklets rattled as she danced and her body gleamed with cam wood in the soft yellow light. The muscicians with their wood, clay and metal instruments went from song to song. And they were all gay. They sung the latest song in the village." (117) every marriage is celebrated with joy and lots of singing and dancing

FACT ONEThe bride’s price settlement starts with the groom accompanied by his father and elders visiting the bride’s compound. They bring wine and kola nuts with them, which are presented to the bride’s father. After they have been served with a meal, the bride’s price is being negotiated between the fathers. In most cases there is only a symbolic price to be paid for the bride. Usually it takes more than one evening before the final bride’s price is settled. (http://www.igboguide.org/HT-chapter11.htm)

FACT TWOThe wedding day is at the bride’s compound, where the guests welcome the couple and invite them in front of the families. First the bride goes around selling boiled eggs to the guests, showing to both families that she has the capability to open a shop and make money. (http://www.igboguide.org/HT-chapter11.htm)

FACT THREEIt is the custom for her to look for her husband while being distracted by the invitees. Only after she has found the groom, she offered the cup to him and he sipped the wine, the couple is married. (http://www.igboguide.org/HT-chapter11.htm )

FACT FOURDuring this ceremony, there is also the nuptial dance where the couple dances, while guests wish the newlyweds prosperity by throwing money around them or putting bills on their forehead. (http://www.igboguide.org/HT-chapter11.htm)

An Ibo bride in traditional beads

An Ibo bride receiving wishes from a man of her tribe

An Ibo bride awaiting her wedding

A recently married Ibo couple


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