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Ian Smyrl yo

some of dem disorders is- Asthma- Chronic Bronchitis- Lung Cancer- COPD (Chronic Obscrtuctive Pulmonary Disease)- Pulmonary Emphesyma- Acute Bronchitis- Cystic Fibrosis- Pulmonary Fibrosis- Occupational Lung Diseases- Pnuemonia- Primary Pulmonary Hypertension- Pulmonary Embolism- Pulmonary Sarcoidosis- Tuberculosis

man chronic lung disease aint fun yo

yo dawg dis be liek when u cant breath n cough alot yoaint a good time

man dem dawgs at da american lung association be sayin dat aboot 400,000 dawgs be dyin each year from lung related disorders. man das aboot da 3rd highest killa in 'murica


COPD iz a very common disease dat effects moar den 12 million dawgz in da United States. Itz da fourth leading cause of death. COPD iz a term used 2 describe patients wid emphysema, chronic bronchitis or a combination of both. Da symptoms be:Shortness of breathWheezyChest TightnessMucus-y cough


Asthma be a chronic inflammatory disease wid recurring breathin problems. Involves obstruction, inflammation, and hyper-responsiveness of the things. yo.



~Cystic Fibrosis~


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