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Social Studies

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Ian Rush1234

I'm Juan de Anza,I was born in1735 and died on 1788.

Juan Bautista De Anza

By Ian Rush

Map of explorations

He found an landroute from Mexicoto San Fransisco.

He was born in Mexico from Spanish parents in 1735.He became captian of the fort at Tubac before he became sponsored by Mexico.

In January 1774 Juan de Anza and a group of 34 men left the fort at tubac and headed west on land with father Garces as a guide. When they reached the colorado river they were ferried across by Yuma Indians. When they got across they walked to the Mojave dessert. There father Garces left them . Their new guide was Sebastian Tarabal.For 10 daysthey wandred in The dessert .Until Their guide recognized Some landmarks and Brought them to san fransisco.



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