Ian hockey

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Ian hockey

Ice Hockey

Hockey is one of my favorite sports. It was created by Lord Stanley in the 1800's. Over the years hockey has changed with tree branches to PROFESSIONAL hockey sticks.

Ian Holcomb

There are many penalties in hockey one of the most common penalties is icing. It is where a defensive player hits the puck to the other side of the rink and behind the goal net.

Hockey has changed over time. With only men's hockey to women's and kid's hockey teams, some people even rumor about collage hockey teams!

During the 1800's hockey was created by Lord Stanley but only as a game. About 93 years later the first Stanley Cup was given to the Montreal Amateur Athletic Assosiation. Although, that was the beginning. During the 1998 Winter Olmpics the U.S.A. women's hockey team won gold medals.

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During the 2010 Winter Olympics, Canada defeated the U.S. in a sudden death round in overtime causing them to win the gold medal.



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