I Wouldn't Want to be Nowhere Else but Here - Episode 3

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I Wouldn't Want to be Nowhere Else but Here - Episode 3

Huck goes from a lonesome boy watching his friends and family look for his own dead body to a boy with a friend and a place to live.Huck also progresses by trusting Jim. Although he grew up in a racist soiety, Huck trusted Jim and looked up to him and helped him when he was hurt.Huck clearly still does not think very highly of himself in comparison to Tom Sawyer and doesn't think anyone really cares about him. Overall Huck changes from little boy alone on an island to a more mature boy having to deal with more adult problems.

Episode 3 (Ch.8-11)"I Wouldn't Want to be Nowhere Else but Here"

New Characters:Jim: Widow Douglas' and Miss Watson's former slave, he ran away and unexpectedly met Huck at Jackson's Island. They are now on the run together.Mrs. Judith Loftus: Lives in St. Petersburg, Huck goes to her house to find out more information on how people are reacting to his apparent death and Jim's escape. She figures out his disguise but says she will get him out of trouble if he ever needs her help.

1) How do people gain trust?2) Why do we help those in need when we do not know anything about them?

Episode 3 takes place on Jackson's Island, and in Mrs. Loftus' house in St. Petersburg. Huck and Jim hideout on the deserted Jackson's Island and Huck goes into town to Mrs. Loftus' house to find out what is going on.


Essential Questions:

Huck's Evolution:


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