I will Always Write Back

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I will Always Write Back

I Will Always Write BackBy: Caitlen Alifrenka and Martin Ganda With Liz Welch 

I chose this picture because it shows the living conditions Martin had. He lived in a very small shack with his four siblings, parents and another family. This shows how hardworking and focused Martin was to have very good grades and stay top in his class.



One of the themes in this book is hardwork. Maritn Ganda a very poor child living in Africa. He works extremely hard to stay top in his class in order to be able to get a full scholorship to an american university. If he hadn't worked as hard as he did then he would not have been able to go to college. Since he worked hard he was able to support his family and himself.


Caitlen Ailefrenka is a major character in the story. Her generosity helped Martin and his family not only live but Martin got to get a better education and that resulted in him getting into an american university. She was aslo very determined. Once she realized the living conditions and schoolong programs Martin had she wanted to help. With the help of her parents she started sending larger amounts of money and carepackages. If it weren't for her Martin would not have gotten into an american university and his family wou;d not have money to even pay for there small shack non-the less food.One quote is ''She looks like a movie star! ''-One of Martin's roomates at Marist BrothersAnother quote is ''I knew she was kind but this generousity was totally unexpected.''-Martin Ganda

The settings in this book are Zimbabwe, Africa and Philidalphia. In the homes and towns of two pen pals, Caitlen Alifrenka and Martin Ganda.

I give this book 5 starsI would definitly recomend this book it is very good and informitive. I thought it was inspiring and really showed how different other countries cultures and lives are from ours.


#1-''After six years of imagining what it would be like to see her, to hug her, to hear her laugh, to hold her hand, here she was , my best friend from afar, now standing right next to me''-Martin Page 380This is important because this is what they had been waiting for, for so long and he finally gets a chance.#2-''I hope this $20 helps''-Caitlen Page 110This is important because this is the first part when Caitlen starts helping his financial state. This is also important because if he had not gotten this he would not have finished his o-levels and not been able to go to A-levels or a University.



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