I've got a Job

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I've got a Job

We've Got A Job By: Cynthia Levinson

These four children/teens along with many other students were marching with one thought in mind , obtaining freedom. Their goal was to go to jail. Now think about it these students were like your age and they wanted to go to jail. At your age right now would you want to go to jail? I doubt that, these kids must've had a lot of courage and motivation. Their motivation : 'FREEDOM'.........

' I have a dream that one day my four little children will live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of thier character' ~ Martin Luther King Jr.

Audrey Hendricks- she was 9 years old.- she was the youngest of the 4, but age didn't stop her bravery.- she said ' after the mass meeting, i told my mother, ' i want to go to jail...'

Wash Booker- was 14 years old- he was 'rambunctious'- at first, he thought the students 'were crazy' for having marches he said ' the idea of voluntarily submitting yourself to be taken away with them was just for us--we couldn't...'

Arnetta Streeter- was 16 years old. - she was light-skinned- she was determined to make history, if she ever had the chance and she would not cry.

James Stewart- was 15 years old.- he was also light-skinned - his family was a middle-class status- he stated ' i was shocked that they were doing that; that they were in authority; that they hated us so much. They didn't even know us...'

This book was about 4 children and teenagers marching to jail to secure their freedom. These 4 children/teens were Arnetta Streeter, Wash Booker, James Stewart, and Audrey Hendricks.


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