I Survived The Bombing Of Pearl Harbor

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I Survived The Bombing Of Pearl Harbor

I Survived The Bombing of Pearl Harbor

By : Lauren Tarshis

Main CharactersThe main characters are Danny and Aki. Danny is an eleven year old boy who moved to Hawaii because his mom wanted to get him away from all the bad people in New York. Aki is a little boy who is Danny's next door neighbor in Hawaii. Danny met Aki when he flung the back door open and saw his ma's flower pot shattered on the ground. Then he caught sight of a small dark head poking out from behind the thick bushes.

SettingThe setting takes place in Hawaii when the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor. Before the attack Danny said that it smelled sweet like sugar cane and pineapple. Every hour the bells rang out from the battleships anchored in Pearl Harbor. During the attack, a curtain of smoke black, bloody, and red surrounded the harbor. One of the attacking planes had burst out of the smoke and was closing in on Danny. Bombs and torpedoes rained down. Explosions ripped through the blue Hawaiin sky. America's mightiest war ships were in flames.

Before The Attack

After The Attack

RecommendationI would recommend this book to people who like action and historical fiction. For example in the book it says" hundreds of bomber planes were swarming over Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. They swooped down, machine guns roaring. Danny ran across the street to the beach. Through a curtain of smoke across the harbor, he could see the planes pummeling the battleships, flying low, firing there guns, and then circling back for another attack. " The story kept you on the edge of your seat. You wanted to know what happened next.

Summary Eleven year old Danny Crane had moved to Hawaii just weeks before the attack. His mom had brought Danny to Hawaii to get him out of trouble, away from crime and the rats and the dirty, dangerous streets of New York City. A Japanese boy named Aki bacame Danny's friend in Hawaii. He lived near Danny's house. Danny worried about Aki as Pearl Harbor was being bombed. Just as the attack was happening, cars sped by and people were running through the streets shouting. A truck rumbled past with a man hanging out the passenger window. He was yelling through a bullhorn. "All military personnel! Report to your posts! We are under attack!" The noises pounded in Danny's ears. Boom. Boom. Boom! Over the harbor, one of the battleships was a huge ball of fire. There was a huge explosion! An entire battleship had been blown apart. Machine guns roared. Danny pushed himself to run faster. Searing pain filled his chest as he inhaled the smokey air. Sand flew up into Danny's eyes. From behind him, a huge explosion seemed to shatter the world. The force lifted Danny off his feet and threw him onto the ground. Then Danny couldnt hear anything at all. Danny survived but never felt more terrified in his life. He was later reuntied with his mother. They helped the other survivors of Pearl Harbor.

Sania Shahane and Olivia Checchio

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