I Survived Hurricane Katrina

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I Survived Hurricane Katrina

This story takes place in the Lower Ninth Ward of New Orleans.


Author:Lauren Tarshis

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Name: .Anthony Parafati Date: !0/15/14

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Title:I Survived Hurricane Katrina

I like the Book!

In the story, I Survived Hurricane Katrina, Barry and his family try to get out of their state because of a hurricane, but get caught in many obstacles, like traffic. Also, his sister, Cleo, gets sick, so they are forced to return home, in hopes of making it through the hurricane. Then, the family prepares for the storm. Barry is shocked when he awakes to a massive wave crashing onto his house. Next, his family runs onto the roof, but a gust of wind comes along and pushes Barry off into the flooded streets. Weak and stranded, Barry makes it into a half assembled house and finds a dog who stays with him. Will the two make it out alive?



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