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I Search Project

Fast Facts Chechen Seperatists,militants + terrorsits Founded in 1998 by Khattab and BasayevAproxx. 400 members Targets=Russian Federation(military+civilian) Absorbed into the armed forces of the Chechen Republic of Ichkeria in 2006

Islamic International Peacekeeping Brigade

This is the main site!

The main objective of the Islamic International Peacekeeping Brigade is the creation of an independent Chechen state that is governed by Islamic fundamentalist law (Sharia).

Ibn al-Khattab Shamil Basaeyv

Comprised of nationalistic, Chechen fighters and some Arabs and other foreign fighters who adhere to Islamic extremist doctrine of Wahabbism

"The Chechen insurgents were highly successful in drawing attention to their cause which was a closed case for the world community, and one that Russia had brutally suppressed and ostracized by linking it to al Qaeda."



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