i never told you

by alexasavage
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i never told you

I never told you I loved you,I never told you that you hurt me;I never put up a fight.We were together 10 monthsAnd I was too afraid to fall for you because I couldn’t trust you.You lied to me,You cheated,You went behind my back,And you only ever wanted my best friend.I have every right in the world to hate you but I don’t.I don’t think I could ever hate you.Now you are with a new girl, and I see how happy you are, And it kills me to see the way she makes you smile.I wish I was still the one to make your face light up.I would give anything just to be in your arms, Just to breathe you in again.When I see you my mind wanders to the way things used to be,The kisses that could make your heart stop,The way our hands fit perfectly together,Your smell on my clothes,Us.For the longest time I thought I could get over it,But each time I see you I fall in love all over again.I can’t help but think I let you slip away... It’s stupid I know,All I want is a second chance,A chance to be you’re everything, A chance to tell you that you’re mine.


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