I Lived on Butterfly Hill

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I Lived on Butterfly Hill

Author: Marjorie Agosίn

Title: I Lived on Butterfly Hill

SummaryI Lived on Butterfly Hill by Marjorie Agosín is about a girl named Celeste. She lives with her father, mother, Grandmother, and Nana. She is goes on with her normal routine until war breaks out in her her home country, Chile. Her parents are forced to go into hiding and leave Celeste. After that Celeste stops going to school. Then the war gets worse and Celeste is forced to go into hiding to. She goes to Juliette Cove, Main where she stays with her Tίa Graciela. While she is there Celeste makes new friends and learns a lot of English. Then one day Tίa Graciela tells Celeste that she can go back to Chile because the general is dead and the war is basically over. Celeste is happy and sad to go back. She is sad because during the year and a half she was there she became attached to Juliette Cove and the friends she made there. But she is happy to return to her family (other than her parents). When she returns home Celeste goes out to find her father first. Then when she finds him with a fisherman on an old whaling boat. Then when they return home Mama walk through the door almost silently and surprises the family. The family is complete again.

SettingsI Lived on Butterfly Hill takes place in the 1970s. The story starts at Celeste’s home in Valparaĺso, Chile. Then as the book goes on, the story moves to Juliette Cove, Maine where Celeste takes refuge with her Tίa Graciela. Then at the end of the book Celeste returns to her home in Valparaĺso, Chile.


The conflict in I Lived on Butterfly Hill is that there is a war in Chile causing many bad things to happen. One main the thing the war caused is Celeste and her parents to go into exile in far away places. Another main thing the war caused was for the chaos and danger.

The theme of I Lived on Butterfly Hill is you can overcome and do anything. One way Celeste shows this is by making friends and learning English when she went into exile in Maine. Another way Celeste shows this is by finding her father and bringing her family back together.

CharactersCeleste: Main character; Loves learning; Goes to Tia Graciela during the war; Brave: Goes to save her parents; Does not speak English, she speaks Spanish: Loves to sit on the roof to think and write; collects words.Celeste’s Parents: Caring; Doctors to help poor villages; Only speaks Spanish.Nnan Delfina : Caretaker; Kind; Cooks very good food.Tίa Graciela: Celeste’s Aunt; Takes care of Celeste during the war; Lives in Juliette Cove, Main.Abuela Frida: Celeste’s Grandmother; Has a secret library under the stairs that she made when soldiers were burning books during the war; Likes to knit blue scarves that Celeste and her parents give to their parents poor patients.

I realy enjoyed this book and found it very moving.

Here's what this book is about. Here is the book trailer.

The genre of I Lived on Butterfly Hill is realistic fiction.


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