I Know What you Did Last Summer

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I Know What you Did Last Summer


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Lois Duncan grew up in Sarasota, Florida. She knew she wanted to be a writer ever since she was a little girl. When she turned in a magazine clip it all came together for her. Now she is married with four children and lives in Alberquerque, New Mexico.

The Setting was most likely set in the 1990's. It's in a small town where secrets spread fster then rumors. The weather is normal but occasionally has storms and other distresses. It also has a school district as well as a university.

There were four main characters in "I Know What you Did Last Summer". The first and probably most important was Julie: Julie was a small red headed teenager who loved pink. Julie was in love with a boy named Ray and still is. Yet she is dating another boy named Bud because of the accident. She used to be a peppy, enthusiatic and even captain of the cheerleading squad but after the accident everything changed. Julie focused on school and never partied anymore she studied and focused in on getting into college. She worried more and more, but finally broke when the note came. The next main character would have to be Ray Bronson, Ray was a short guy with brown hair and green eyes. Him and Julie had been dating before the accidnet and loved each other but after the accident Julie broke it off. Desperate to get away Ray moved to the east coast in hope to find himself. Although in coincidence he moves back as soon as the note arrives at Julie's home. The third character is Barry Cox, Barry has always been the big man on campus. He has never wanted attachments and has always called hte shots. So when the accident happened Barry was the one to convince the group to leave, to call the cops and never come back. He convinced them to not leave names and do nothing. So when Julie told him abuot the note of course he thoguht it was a joke, because nothing bad could happen to Barry Cox. The final main character is Helen Rivers. Helen is a pretty girl in love with Barry. When she was younger she was an overweight, greasy faced teenager. So she changed, she went on a strick diet, dyed her hair, and had a routine just for her face. And eventually became the golden girl of a tv show. So when Barry Cox asked her out it was a dream, she was in love. She'd do anything for Barry even if that meant agreeing to something wrong. As soon as Barry said the note was just some joke it made sense to Helen. Because to her Barry was always right.

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In the beginning of summer everything was perfect. Julie had a boyfriend she loved, and a group of friends along with it. She was peppy and had great enthusiasm... but everything changed that night.

I Know What you Did Last Summer



By:Lois Duncan


Main Characters

Helen Rivers

Ray Bronson

Barry Cox

Julie James


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