I Have Lived a Thousand Years

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I Have Lived a Thousand Years

Auschwitz is a concentration camp famous for its gas chambers.

I Have Lived a Thousand YearsBy Livia Bitton-Jackson

About the AuthorLivia Bitton-Jackson was known in Europe as Ellike "Elli" Friedmann. Born in Samorja, Hungary (Czechoslovakia) in 1931, she loved to write sad and fearful poems from her heart. After World War II ended, and her father's death, she traveled with her mother, Laura, and her older brother, Bubi, to America in 1961.

- she was thirteen when taken to ghettos and concentration camps- received the class honor scroll at graduation- saved her notebook of poems from being burned like all other documents- attacked an SS woman officer when trying to protect her mother- met her cousins Hindi and Suri, with her Aunt Celia, her mother's sister, while at Auschwitz

- lived in New York- went to New York University- received Ph.D. in Hebrew culture and Jewish History- former professor at many schools and universities- has received many awards for her books on the Holocaust

During World War II...

In America

The brutal test of survival for Jews during The Holocaust

The Star of David, or called the Jew Badge

Livia Bitton-Jackson(Elli Friedmann)at age thirteen

The sign "Arbeit Macht Frei" means "Work Sets You Free".


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