[2014] Lizzie Theisen: I Have Lived a Thousand Years

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[2014] Lizzie Theisen: I Have Lived a Thousand Years

I have Lived a Thousand Years

I have Lived a Thousand Years is about a young jewish girl named Elli Friedmann caught in the middle of World War II. She goes to great lengths to help herself survive the dreaded concentration camps and never gives up the hope of freedom.


Nov: Elli's parents are forced to close the family business.

Bubi Friedmann is Elli's older brother. He is at a school in another city, but takes time to warn their parents about the Nazis. Elli don't listen to him though.

Elli's aunt, mother, and cousins are all sent to Auschiwitz. They get seperated from the men of the family during their traval to the concentration camp.

Elli Friedmann's mother is a quiet woman who frowns upon her daughters poetry, but when everything she loves is at stake she risks it all to save her family.

Elli Friedmann's father is a narrow-minded man who sees how his daughters look on life is just a little different and accepts that, unlike Elli's mother.

Elli Friedmann is a young, quiet, shy, jewish girl who loves writing dark and tragic poetry. Her mother frowns upon it. She feels disconnected from her family until she realizes they are her only help in surviving World War II.

Czechoslvakia 1941-1945



March 27+28: Elli is shown where the family's jewelry is hidden, and they are forced to wear the yellow Star of David on all of their clothes.




April 28-30: After the U.S. attacked their cattle car, Elli's family is liberated.

May 21-31: Elli, Bubi, and her mom are moved from the ghetto they are living in to Auchwitz

Sept. 1 - April 4: Elli escapes death by sneaking out of the line she was put in. The line she was supposed to be in was the line to the gas chambers.

Aug. 8 - 20: Elli's mom is injured and marked for certain death, but Elli sneaks her out of the infirmery and helps her to slowly recovery without the Nazis finding out.

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