I Hate Myselfie Book Report

by kayleeavila
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I Hate Myselfie Book Report


SUMMARYWhen no one likes you in high school, you think that you aren't going anywhere in life. People constantly spreading rumors and making fun of you doesn't help. But when you enter into the real world and you know you've gotten farther than anyone else, you'd like to look back at all the things that have happened in your life and everyone involved, for Shane Dawson, its mostly bad. Throughout this book, you get read stories that you've never heard in videos, and it gets personal at times. This is a book about mostly the bad in life, or the sad, and a tiny bit happy. Shane Dawson's, I Hate Myselfie, also has a collection of artwork that his fans drew that look fantastic opening each essay.

GOALS & CHALLENGESIn every essay (the book is a collection of essays) there is a different story. So, there are many different goals and challenges. Therefore, I have decided to list each goal/challenge for each essay. Due to the quantity of essays, I only provided 6/18 goals or challenges.Denny's and Death: This is about the death of his grandmother, and Denny's. Shane is really sad because his grandmother is in the hospital on her death bed. Him and his brother go to Denny's while they wait for the news. He is the first to find out about his grandmother and when he does, he spends her last night with her.My Birthday Suit: Shane recently graduated and lost around 150 pounds, so of course he had extra skin. He wanted for his friends to be impressed with his look at a get together at an amusement park. He tried to to hide that extra skin with different things and found that his mothers old bathing suit did the trick. When he walked through the metal detector at the park, he didn't care to think about the metal clasp on the bathing suit. When he to take off his shirt to prove that he didn't have any weapons, everyone laughed at him, even the workers. His friends didn't care though, and that's all that mattered.Internet Famous: When Shane started to getting a lot of subscribers on YouTube, he started to get recognized in lots of places. One of those places is his doctor. He didn't want his doctor, a fellow viewer, to notice him, but she did. The entire check-up, the doctor asked him questions about his videos and to play some of his characters, like Shanaynay. He wanted to receive more information about his health and not give information about his videos. He realized that that's the way its going to be from then on, he was internet famous.The Mean Girl Got Fat: Back when Shane was in high school, he got bullied for his weight, especially by the popular girl. Lacy was the mos beautiful, thinnest girl in the school. After Shane lost all of his weight, he wanted to help out other people loose weight, working at Jenny Craig. When a lady walked in one day, Shane realized that it was Lacy. She didn't recognize him but he recognized her. He treated her well, not like she used to spread rumors about him and he's trying to get revenge. He told her everything right before she left and she ended up feeling really bad. They hung out a few times after that and all was forgiven.My Strange Addiction: While Shane was loosing weight, all he ate was chicken and vegetables. His crave for sugar and sweets wasn't helping, so his friend introduced him to a fake sugar, Splenda. Shane ended up getting so obsessed with Splenda that he ate 250 packets each day. At an amusement park one day, he felt like he was going to pass out. They took him to the hospital and the doctor told him that if they got there seconds later he would've gotten into a coma. It was due to he dehydration the Splenda and only drinking and eating chicken,vegetables, and sweet tea. He never ate a pack of Splenda again.Astral Projection: Shane used to experience astral projection, or out of body experience, dreams. He learned that this can be very dangerous because if it gets too out of hand, people can get possessed or even die. He was terrified about this so he tried to control it. He did eventually learn to control it and to this day his dreams are back to normal.

WHY I CHOSE THIS BOOKThe reason I chose this book is because I love to watch all of Shane's videos and his movie, Not Cool, is amazing. His stories from earlier years are so interesting that I wanted to learn new stories that have never been in his videos. I knew this book wouldn't disappoint me because his movie, music, or videos never have.

REVIEW/RECCOMMENDATIONIf you are in for a good laugh and a few sad moments, this book is perfect for you. This would be mainly for teenagers and it would surely make them laugh. I would give this book a 12/10 stars because I LOVED this book and it made me laugh a lot.

WHAT I LEARNEDI learned that there are a lot of bad moments in life, and they may never go away. They may follow you for the rest of your life, kind of like a scar. I learned that the people you meet, how they treat you, and you winning prom king or queen won't matter after high school. People who usually didn't get noticed or didn't have as many friends would get farther in life. For example, Lacy (from the essay "The Mean Girl Got Fat") never went to college because she had a baby and the father left. Another girl who went to that same school, Christina Grimmie, was like Shane, right now she has a record deal and is friends with people like Selena Gomez. So, I learned that things that an average middle schooler is worrying about right now, won't matter the second they are out of high school.




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