I Even Funnier

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I Even Funnier

PLOT SUMMARYThere is a boy named Jamie. He is competing in the Planet's Funniest Kid Comic Contest. That means he is against people that think they are funnier than him. After school he goes to his uncle's diner to help out. In school he hangs out with his friends and tells jokes. But there is a boy named Vincent and he is in the contest as well. Who will win the contest?

I Even Funnier

I thought this was a great book because of the jokes Vincent tells. I have used some of the jokes before. Another reason is that I feel like I'm in school with Jamie and his friends.


Jamie is the main character. He is in middle school with his friends. He is funny because he is in the Funneist Kid Comic Contest which means he competes against other people to see who is funnier. The other character is Uncle Frankie he helps Jamie with jokes and problems. He always wants Jamie to be happy.



The setting is in many places, but they are mostly at Uncle Frankie's diner. It is a restaurant and Jamie tells jokes at the cash register.



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