I am the Messenger

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I am the Messenger

Ed was waiting for the next card to come, but in the mean time, he was in a rugby tournament. A little boy was with the Doorman but had left for a little. When Ed found him, a woman was giving him a card. On the card was Graham Greene, Morris West, and Sylvia Plath. Ed later found out they were all authors and bought all their books at the library. He finds roads that match the the book titles and symbols of spades on pages. he goes to the first address large but poor family who had broken christmas lights. He knew the family loved the spirit of Christmas and the lights so Ed bought new ones for them and the whole family adored them and they brought joy. A guy in his cab tells him to go to one of the addresses at 8 pm. He arrived to the restaurant and he sees his mom, who is a widow, on a date enjoying herself. He later goes to her house and spills how he feels about her and truly explain their feelings. The last place was a old movie theater and an elderly man sleeping. He wakes up and Ed watches Casablanca. The old man was saying that the people who came to him told him to be expecting Ed. Ed comes again with Audrey and invites the old man to watch the movie with them. They find a person in the film room but they run away. The leave a film of Ed getting beat up by the Rose boys. Along with it is the Ace of Hearts.

Ed had fully finished the first card which was followed by two men who ruffled him up a bit and gave him the next card: Ace of Clubs. It said "say a prayer at the stones of home".Ed picked up a man and had lead him to the river. The man ran away and Ed stumbled upon some rocks that had written three names. The first was Thomas O'Reilly who was a rich man but then we he was sent to his brother, Tony, who was a priest. Tony lived in a bad neighborhood and not many people attended his church so Ed decided to invite the whole town to come to church for free beer and fun. Everyone showed up including his Thomas who was on bad terms with. The second was Angie Carusso who struggled with monday but she always managed to give her sons ice cream every friday. Ed decided she deserved her own cone.The last was Gavin Rose whose brother would always fight with him. Gavin was beaten up and was sitting outside, Ed had gone up to him and beat him up so when his brother came out to help him, Gavin would realize that his brother is willing to help him and that he needs to depend on him as well. Later the Rose boys and some of their friends beat Ed up.

The three movies on the card were: The Suitcase, Cat Ballau, and Roman Holiday. He gives everyone that he has visited a christmas card except its on a playing card. Ed goes back to Bernie to ask him about the movies. All of the main roles are meant to be Richie, Marvin, and Audrey. Ed decides to help Richie to find a job. The he found out Marv has a child from his ex-girlfriend. Ed goes with him to meet his child and give supports. The mother, Marv, Melinda, and Ed all go back the the apartment. Lastly, he feels that he needs to show Audrey that he truly loves her and that she feels the same. He goes to her house and plays a song. They both dance together. When Ed gets back he finds another card with his address on it. He is given a note that says go to the cemetery. It was the year anniversary of his dads death. At the grave is Keith and Daryl. The gunnman from the bank robebery tells ed to drive to all the 13 places. He then pulls out a mirror and asks if he sees a dead man, Ed responds "No". Back at the apartment is the man who is behind all of it. He explains that he has set this all up from the day his father died and everything is documented in the folder. Audrey comes over and stays for good. Ed now knows that he is not the messenger, but rather the message.

The first card that came in the mail to Ed was and Ace of Diamonds. What was written on it was three addresses and a time to go to them. At first he was very confused and asked his friends but they didn't have any ideas besides visit the places. The first place was on Edgar St. where he witnessed a man rape his wife and his scared daughter. He visited a young girl at Macedoni St. who would run at 5:30 in the morning barefoot, although she was never able to win a race, he gave her an empty box as her "shoes" so she can run barefoot just like in the mornings and it made her feel joy running without shoes in the race. The last place on the card was Harrison St. in the evenings with a very old lady who thought Ed was her late husband who she still loved very much. Ed would read for her and care for her. He revisited the Edgar St and tried to do something but knew he wouldn't succeed by barging in. The next day he got a gun in the mail from the same people. He somewhat kidnapped the man and brought him to a ledge and gave him the ultimatum to die or to not rape his wife anymore. The man never returned.

Ace of Diamonds

I Am the Messanger

Ace of Spade

Ace of Clubs

Written by Markus Zusak

Ace of Hearts

Ed Kenedy was at the bank with his friends Audrey, Marv, and Richie. As the robber was getting away Ed spepped in and saved them. Ed works with ausdrey as an underaged taxi driver in England. At nights, the group plays cards with each other. Most of his days he spends with his dog, The Doorman, drinking coffee.


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