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I am taxi

I am a Taxi By: Deborah Ellis

The book I am a Taxi, by Deborah Ellis, is a book about a young boy growing up in Bolivia with his sister, Corina and his mother, in jail. The boy, Diego has to overcome many obstacles. One of many obstacles he has to overcome is earning money for his family. When an opprotunity to make lots of money hits him he takes a journey into the Bolivian Jungle with his friend Mando and the glue boys. He will turn into a slave who makes Cocaine leaves into a paste that is worth lots of money.

When Diego was in the Bolivian Jungle, he worked with Cocaine. Cocaine is a alkaloid drug from leaves of the coca bush. It is grown mostly in Bolivia and Peru. After it is grown it is smugled into Columbia. Since 1912 it has been sold illegally. Before the 19th century it was dispenced by pharmesists and used in Coca Cola. However, in the 19th century medical and scientific resarch proved that cocaine was bad for people.

This is a cocaine field. Diego grew up working on a field like this one.

A jungle that is similar to the one Diego worked in.

These are slaves. Diego was a slavewhen he worked in the Jungle.

The story takes place in Cochabamba, Bolivia.

Did you know that slavery is an important part in our history? It is the main reason that started the American civil war in 1861. A good amount of the slaves came from war, South America, and Africa. You know, it is not easy being a slave. It is one of those things you were forced to do, even for children! You also were usually separated from your family. Slaves that were treated well were mostly healthy young men. In the US slavery ended mostly in 1865 when the war ended, which we won. Unfortantly for country's that are not pretected by law, can still have slavery

Slavery is related to this book because when Diego ventures out with Mando and the glue boys to get money he is working in the jungle for these bad guys to make drugs, when they get little food and are forced to use the drugs to help them gain strength.

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By: Lilia and Elisabeth

This video is about Bolivian agriculture and industry. It also has some facts on cocha leaves.

A Quote: "Stick with me kid and I will show you the world. Money,power, you can have it all. - Page 177. Explanation: Diego is trying to escape, however Smith is trying to encourage Diego to stay with him instead of escaping back to jail to be with his family.


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