I am Smart and Scared

by OliviaDuffy14
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Language Arts

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I am Smart and Scared

I am...By:Olivia Duffy

I am...I am smart and scared.I wonder what people think of me.I hear sad songs in my head.I see a hole in my heart.I want people to understand me.I am smart and scared.I pretend I am invincible. I feel my soul slowly shrinking.I touch the pieces of my heart.I worry when it comes to falling in love.I cry when I think of having no one there.I am smart and scared.I understand that life isn't fair.I say that I am always fine.I dream of finding true happiness.I try to be the best I can be.I hope I can fall in love, which I fear.I am smart and scared.

Important OpinionLoneliness is like a hole in our hearts.

Unrequited LoveI love deep in my heart and it is not returned. I think. I hope he loves me.

The Peices of My Heart

The Tears I Cry

I am Smart

The Love I Fear

Life Isn't Fair

The Hole in my Heart


A Sad Song



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