[2015] Benjamin Fazzini: I am Harriet Tubman

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[2015] Benjamin Fazzini: I am Harriet Tubman

I am Harriet TubmanBy Grace NorwichIllustrated By Ute Simon

Harriet got married to John Tubman while she was still a slave. When Harriet started helping slaves get to the free land, she was away from John. She wanted to get him a gift to show their love so she saved up all her money and bought John a new jacket. When Harriet got back to give it to him John was married to another woman.

Harriet's Marriage

Early life

I recommend this book because it teaches you about putting other people before yourself. Harriet really inspires me with her braveness and devotion todefending her people.


I think the most interesting info was that she barly took care of her self when she was helping others. That takes a lot of devotion to do that.

Harriet wasn't just a conductor she was also in the military, a nurse, and a spy.

Fun Fact!

Most Interesting!


New words

When Harriet was first born, she was named Araminta Ross. Some people think she changed her name after her marriage and some people think she changed it when she escaped slavery.

Harriet Tubman

Undergound Rail Road


John Tubman


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