I Am David

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I Am David

With the help of a sympathetic guard he escapes the concentration camp and begins his journey. Following crude instructions he makes his way through cities, country sides, and international boarders. He braves wild animals, sailors, and mean people but also has some nice experiences on the way.

What happens

Book report

David was a 12 year old boy growing up in a concentration camp until he escaped. He had no knowledge of the outside world but learned many languages from fellow inmates. He is clever and appreciative of freedom and everyday simple luxuries such as soap, food, and clean water.

I Am David


Anne Holm


Anne Holm was a journalist from Denmark and wrote several children's books. She died in 1998 at age 76.

Holm, Anne, and L. W. Kingsland. I Am David. Orlando, Fla.: Harcourt, 2004.


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