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Sometimes there are no symptoms but they can present as:-Difficult breathing, chest pain, severe headache, irregular heartnbeat, fatigue and confusion or presence of blood in urine.

*African Americans are more likely to develop HTN than caucasian or Hispanic*Persons over 65*Overweight or Obese*Men before age 55, women after age 65*Those with unhealthy lifestyles*Persons with a family history of HTN*Persons whom smoke.

Beta Blockers (LOL's)Block Epinenephrine and Norepinenephrine from binding to receptors that affect blood flow.METHOD: Vasodilation/Slows heart rate (Metoprolol)

Diuretics-Works on tubules of kidneys to promote the removal or salt & water from body-Different classes existIE: Frequent urination(Hydrochlorothiazide)

*Dietary changes such as diets *high in potassium rich foods* soy, coconut, or milk protien, *reduced sodium intake*limited amounts of processed foods*limited amounts of caffine

Whom does hypertension effect?

Signs and Symptoms

Medication Managmnent

Management with diet alterations, exercise, and holistic approaches

"The Silent Killer"

Ace Inhibitors (PRILS)Inhibits angiostensin I and II activity in particular angiostensin converting enzyme (Increases blood pressure)Method: Vasodilation

*Vigorous cardio at least 30 minutes a day. Even adding "power walks" into an everyday routine can prove to lower blood pressure and promote more effective use of oxegen in the body.*Yoga, tai chi, and qigond promotes deep breathing and decreses stress. Studies have proven a link between the amount of stress and the production of Renin.

Some natural options are:*herbs *Fish oil*Acupuncture

Sedementary lives, poor diets full of fats and high cholesterol add to the development of Hypertension


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