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Group Members:Meredith A.Mandy D.Joni D.Melissa E.Krista K.Ashley M.

Hypermedia vs. PaperWriting a traditional paper about Hypermeida was as exciting as watching paint dry... but, it was a learning experience. If we hadn't of written the paper, I would not have seen the true value in hypermedia. Based on that experience I know using hypermedia in the classroom will keep students in engaged and generate a more authentic learning experience for them.

But, it was a fun learning experience & I think it turned out great

I used Wix for the 1st time for our digital storytelling project. I was nervous & unsure of what to expect...

For our final project we decided as a group to create a wiki for teachers/students to use as their guide to digital storytelling across content areas. Each pair in our group was responsible for creating a page. We'd love for other teachers to share their ideas and display their students' work on the wiki.

Don't forget get to check out the popplets on the wiki for resources!

So this is what watching paint dry looks like?

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