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Hypermedia Reflection

Things I have learned:1. Students need to be producers as well as consumers.2. Web 2.0 Tools are great ways to expose my students to technology. 3. Hypermedia serves as a great way to differentiate instruction and accommodate diverse learning styles. 4. The World Wide Web engages students in reading, viewing, listening, and producing work with Web 2.0 technologies. 5. Hypermedia is nonlinear and multimedia is linear when used in isolation.6. I need to be more aware of copyright laws.

Cool Tools for School, a GREAT website!!!

Working with others...

I loved the Voicethread activity that we did to introduce ourselves!!! I am going to use it next year with my class. I will show mine to the class as an example, and then I will have each child in my class do one. I think this is a great way for the kids to get ot know each other better. I will also use our final project idea when I do literature circles next year. I really liked the Web 2.0 tools that we used. I think the students will enjoy using them. I also plan on using Edu-Glogster next year! I have had a lot of fun creating this glogster for this project. I have learned so much in this class!!!!

I will continue to integrate technology into my classroom activities. I will do this by creating lessons that use different web 2.0 tools. I will share these ideas with my colleagues. I will teach my students the importance of Internet safety and the importance of making sure they referencing their sources. I will continue to learn so that I can continue to help my students be 21st century learners.



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