Hygiene Routine

by Bella3384
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Hygiene Routine

Every morning when I wake up, I brush my teeth... in the nighttime when I'm about to go to bed, I brush my teeth againBefore I eat, when I have touched something messy or dirty, when I have sneezed, or after I go to the bathroom, I wash my hands In the morning and night I wash my face to get rid of the excess oils and dirt that builds up throughout the dayEvery evening before I go to bed I shower

Devi's Divine Hygiene Routine

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1) Brushing my Teeth 2)Washing my Hands3)Washing my Face4)Showering5)Brush my Hair

Before I go to bed, I brush my hair, and in the morning I brush my hair to keep it from tangling

The Benefits

The benefits of good hygiene are extensive. First of all, good oral hygiene is very beneficial, because if you can keep your mouth clean and healthy, you can minimize your trips to the dentist and orthodontist, you can decrease you chance of getting diseases and infections in your mouth, and also, you can save money.Poor hygiene can cause illness, and other diseases. Odor is a big issue, but also you can become self-concious. WIth good personal hygiene, you can be clean and healthy.Always wash your hands before and after after you've sneezed, used the bathroom, went somewhere public, prepared food, etc.



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