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DESCRIPTIONDo you know what a hyena looks like? Hyenas remind people of dogs even though they are more closely related to cats. All hyenas have long yellow brown fur,powerful jaws,long necks,and wide heads. There are 3 types of hyenas,Spotted,Striped,and Brown. A spotted hyena would have dark spots on it's fur,while a Striped would have stripes. Brown hyenas have darker fur. All hyenas have back legs shorter than front,which makes them seem to limp while they walk. Males and female look alike,but females are bit larger and weigh more than males. Females weigh 120lbs while males weigh 100 lbs.

Habitat Hyenas are often found in Africa,though the stripied hyena is also found through out Asia and the Middle East,In dry rocky places with low growing plants.Spotted and Brown hyenas are found only in Africa.Brown hyenas are found in South Africa, in both deserts and savannas. Spotted hyenas(the most common type)are found in western,eastern and southern Africa,in savannas.Usually hyenas dig holes in the hillside or find a cave.Spotted Hyenas could also be found on the edge of a tropical rain forest.

Survival and ProtectionDid you know hyenas are nocturnal?Which means they hunt after sunset or at night.But sometimes they still hunt in the morning.Their fur blends in with the enviroment to help them get away from predators.Spotted hyenas make whooping noises to bring their clans(a group of hyenas) for a hunt.They would use teamwork and out-run the animal.Brown and Striped hyenas tend to hunt alone.

Classificationkingdom: Anamaliaphylum: ChordataClass: Mammaliafamily: Hyaeninaespecies: Crocuta,H.hyeana,Hyeana Brunnea,Proteles

Human ChoicesOver the years humans have made choices that affected hyenas.Like,killing them for their bones,because they thought if they drink or eat it, it will keep them young.Farmers would also kill hyenas for eating their crops or farm animals.Hyenas have also killed children and adults which made humans dislike them.Though,now most countries have banned hyena killing.Since hyenas are part of the endangered list.Human have now learned to respect hyenas.

Interesting factsDid you know the aardwolf is actually a hyena,though they don't look a bit like one.In a hyena clan the females are in charge, but in each their is a dominant female who is in charge of the whole clan.The dominant female produces more young,then moost of the females.Hyenas raise their left leg when they pee,like most cats.

Food ChainHyenas eat mostly meat,so they are carnivores. Spotted hyenas eat only meat,while brown and striped hyenas are also known to eat fruit.Lions are hyenas enemies,since they kill hyenas and take their food away.Hyenas eat gazelles,water buffalo,wild beest young giraffes,and antelope.Hyenas take away other animals kills when they can't find food.Hyenas are also scavengers which means they eat the remains of a dead animal.Vultures and hyenas often eat the same stuff

SOURCESWebsites-wikipedia- animal factsBooks- Hyenas fierce hunters by Norman Pearlpublished 2009- Hyenas by Kevin J Holmes published 2001

Hyenas make laughing noises when they're scared or excited


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