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Female hyena


The scientific name for Hyena is Crocuta Crocuta.

A hyena bringing bones back to its den to eat.

Facts on Hyenas

The Hyenas are found all over Africa but mostly in East Africa. Their habitats range from savannas, grasslands, woodlands, forest edges, subdeserts, and mountains up to 13,000 feet tall. The Hyena is a skillful hunter but is also a scavanger. Its favorite meal is the Wildebeest, but it also likes monkeys and birds. In a hyena pack the female is the dominate one. The females out weigh the males by 3 pounds. They use a special call that sounds like a cackling laugh-like scream, used to alert others of food. This call is so loud that it could be heard for three miles. The hyena's size varies from 28 to 35 inches tall. Hyenas generally have three colors brown, tan, and black. There are two different types of hyenas the striped, brown, and spotted. The spotted hyena is the smaller one. The front legs of the hyena are longer than the back, giving it its bear-like stance. At this time, hyenas are not endangered. The gestation period is 90-110 days. The average litter size is three pups. The average hyena lives 20-25 years. Its predators are lions, leopards, and crocodiles. The map below shows all the places the hyenas roam.

Male hyena


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