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Energy & Environment

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One advantage is that it does not pollute the air. It is a very reliable energy. Hydropower is also very easy to control so when they don't need a lot of energy they can slow down the waves. It is also very safe to use. It won't run out because of the water cycle. It can also prevent flooding.


One disadvantage is that making a dam will change water flows. It will also destroy fishes habitats and the dam will block the movements of fish. It is expensive to build a dam.  Also droughts can affect the water so their would be little amount of energy. We also have very limited reservoirs that have the technology that uses hydropower.

What Is It

Hydropower is energy that uses water. It uses the flow of water to make energy. It won't run out until a long time because the water cycle keeps on going. It is also known as Hydroelectric power. Hydropower is the energy derived from the falling or running water.

How It Works

A dam blocks the flow of water so their is only one way the water can go. Inside their is a turbine so the water will push the turbine, spinning it. The moving turbine will spin a generator making electricity.

Where It's Found

Their are many tiny facilities around the country that use hydropower. Most of the big facilities that use hydropower are in the west. Their are many dams in the country but only some of them use hydropower. California, Washington, Nevada, New York, and Alabama produces most of the energy that uses hydropower.


1. Niagara Falls 2. Hoover Dam



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